The product we produce is a handheld radio power amplifier. It has a fixed operating frequency and maximum output power, so you need to pay attention during use.This radio power amplifier is only suitable for handheld two-way radios/intercoms and cannot be used with any mobile radio/car radio. Please test/use the amplifier with the correct antenna. It features automatic band selection, reverse polarity protection, broadcast LED, dual band radio/antenna single connector, free mobile stand and more.
It is a powerful mobile or base transceiver station. It allows you to talk to a group at the same time and listen to another group at the same time, just like a handheld amateur radio call. They feature a wraparound heatsink to ensure excellent heat dissipation and keep it cool for extended life. Built-in reverse polarity protection saves the amplifier if the power supply is accidentally connected. These amplifiers are also equipped with automatic RF detection so no additional wiring is required. It simply plugs in the power cord and coaxial cable. Baojie Electronics is a certified company specialized in the production of high-quality amplifier. We are known as one of the leading manufacturers in this field. Please be free to buy the best and cheap amplifier with CE certification from us.