3G / 4G public network intercom system

- Jul 15, 2017 -

3G / 4G public network intercom system

The public network intercom business is based on the 3G / 4G mobile public network cluster service platform, the use of PushtoTalk (PTT, Push to talk) technology through the public network intercom function of professional mobile terminal, to provide mobile communication network coverage Half duplex cluster communication service.

The public network intercom has the following advantages:

First, the distance is not restricted, mobile phone signal coverage area, you can talk freely free talk;

Second, the digital signal, sound quality clear, loud voice;

Third, the call confidentiality is strong, will not produce the same frequency caused by leakage of the situation;

Four, rich multimedia communication function, can realize the voice, video, data business;

Fifth, the construction cost is low, relying on the public mobile network, without the need to deploy base stations

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