Digital intercom system

- Jul 15, 2017 -

Digital intercom system

Compared with the analog intercom system, digital intercom system for professional mobile communications has brought many revolutionary changes.

First, digital technology can make more efficient use of radio spectrum resources. A digital communication system can carry multiple traffic channels on a channel to accommodate more users.

Second, the provision of voice and data integrated services. Users can get more and more accurate information to provide work efficiency. Compared with analog communication technology, digital communication system has a stronger data processing capabilities, so that more data can be integrated into a wireless communication equipment, making the user's application solutions more perfect.

Third, digital communication technology can improve voice quality and improve communication quality in a greater range. Because digital communication technology has in-system error correction function, it can transmit accurate voice and data in a wider range, reduce speech distortion and Data bit error rate. Digital systems have excellent ability to suppress environmental noise and listen to clear voice in a very noisy environment.

Fourth, the digital intercom system has the characteristics of high spectrum efficiency, clear voice, long battery life, strong communication confidentiality, strong anti-interference ability and long communication distance, and has the functions of single call, group call, full call, emergency call, Remote death / resurrection and other functions, while the system also supports SMS, GPS and other data transmission value-added features.

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