Industry insiders talk about digital walkie-talkie VS analog walkie-talkie

- Nov 24, 2018 -

Hong Wei graduated from Anhui Institute of Architecture and Industry in 1998 with a degree in Computer Aided Design. He has been in the security industry for 12 years and has worked in project management, program design, sales and technical support. He used to be the sales manager of Bosch Security Shenzhen Office. MOTO Information Appliance Shenzhen Company Sales Director of South China, in 2008 began to be the sales manager of Shenzhen Laibang Technology Co., Ltd.

Q: As we all know, intelligent, networked and integrated is the development trend of building intercom. The IP network building visual intercom series launched by your company in 2008 has been put into many practical cases. You think that it is analog to the intercom. What are the advantages of digital intercom?

Hong Wei: From a technical point of view, IP products and analog products are completely different technologies. The main advantage of digital intercom is that there are many more functions. From the perspective of usage, digital walkie-talkies far exceed analog machine. We first look at the analog intercom products. When no one visits, they can only be idle and in a "black screen" state. Our digital intercom products are an electronic photo album in standby mode, which can become Decorations in the home. In terms of practical application, the digital walkie-talkie not only has basic functions such as calling and remote unlocking, but also has dozens of functions such as household video call (solving busy situation), photo message, information release, community home internal and external monitoring, etc. Not limited by distance, it greatly meets the needs of people's lives.

On the other hand, digital walkie-talkies are much simpler and more convenient than analog machines in construction management. In terms of wiring, the simulator needs a multi-core cable and a video cable, while the digital camera only needs one five-category cable, and the cable cost is significantly reduced. On the device, the simulator needs a split line and a decoder and video. Distribution and amplifiers, and digital machines are not needed at all, so construction costs are greatly reduced. Moreover, the digital machine has strong stability and anti-interference, and the signal transmission is not limited by distance. For large-scale community buildings, digital intercom is of course the only choice. However, the cost of the stand-alone digital intercom has increased, mainly because the price of the core chip is not coming, the mold cost and development cost are very high, so the price is much more expensive than the simulator.

Q: The “digitalization” of building intercom has entered a substantive stage. Compared with traditional analog products, it has received much attention and expectation. At the same time, it has also been questioned. For example, the stability problem, facing such a status quo, What do you think of it?

Hong Wei: IP technology is a stable technology. In the field of communication, it has been developed for more than 20 years. From the security industry, technology is 10 to 20 years later than communication. Transplanting this mature technology into the security industry, as far as what you can do with the product, is related to the quality of the company's technical managers and developers. We also know that there are many manufacturers who are unstable, and in many real estates, they are not satisfied with the customers. However, the situation of each company is different. For example, our product has been put into use in more than 20 projects nationwide. So far, no customer has reflected that our products are unstable, but just think that the price is high.

Q: The price of digital intercom products is much higher than that of analog intercom products. Will it affect sales? What sales channels does your company have, and which sales method is the largest proportion of sales?

Hong Wei: The price of digital walkie-talkies is high, which will definitely affect sales. However, the overall price trend is downward, mainly due to a core chip problem, development costs and mold costs. As the volume increases, the cost is slow. Slow will come down. As for the sales channel, our strategy is to “take it” and what is the way we can do it. At present, the sales outlets in Laibang have spread all over the country: Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan have set up sales branches, established offices or agents in 18 provincial capital cities, and more than 2,000 dealers have maintained long-term cooperation with our company. relationship. In the domestic market, Laibang brands and products have taken a solid position. In recent years, the turnover has continued to grow at a rate of more than 50% per year. From the point of view of sales, the sales ratio of the company and the branch is more important, because the quality of the company's internal staff and the understanding of the products are relatively high, and the agents will represent a lot of products, and the sales staff will understand the products. Poor, the ability to provide services to customers will be lower. For these aspects, our company will make some appropriate adjustments when necessary.

Q: China's building intercom market is undergoing a transition from analog to digital, and the requirements for product intelligence are also increasing. Please talk about your views on the intelligent intercommunication of buildings.

Hong Wei: My personal understanding of the issue of intercom products is to improve the use of products. Building intercom as a standard for real estate, its usage rate has always been low, how to improve its use rate, intelligent is a direction. Therefore, the concept of intelligence is to connect security, home intelligence, and telephone lines. You can answer calls, call forwarding, electronic photo albums, network cameras, etc. One purpose is to put products. The use rate is increased, making the product value for money. Intelligent and IP digital is a concept of mutual integration. After digitization, it can be better intelligent. Like the analog machine that was previously wired, there is no way to achieve intelligence, and it is limited and cannot be used.

Q: At present, the security industry is highly competitive. In the face of such market conditions, what strategies will come to the country?

Hong Wei: From the product technology point of view, our overall strategy is IP. Our products cover many fields, but they all develop in the direction of IP. For example, building intercom products, we started with the first product, IP networked, no analog products. Now, the prison intercom products are basically IP-based, and the bank hospital intercom products have also been IP-based. In terms of product promotion, since the launch of the IP digital intercom, last year it has been touring exhibitions in more than a dozen central cities across the country, including Hangzhou, Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shenyang, Wuhan, etc. This year we also did some central cities. The tour, the response is very good.

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