Informatization to improve emergency radio management

- Nov 24, 2018 -

In today's society, radio applications are ubiquitous, and in many cases, the free transmission of information can only be achieved by radio technology. In major events, due to the suddenness, destructiveness, severity and urgency of the emergency, radio applications have the advantages of short-term, small-area, multi-quantity, and high-density.

The type of radio application is more complicated than war and military in a certain sense. Through extensive research, it is found that there are at least 20 kinds of radio services commonly used in emergency response of various major emergencies, covering various fixed services and mobile services. Satellite service, location service, broadcast service and navigation service. However, in terms of radio frequency protection, the frequency requirements of natural disasters far exceed the scope provided by the radio regulatory authorities.

The development of radio management has played an important role in promoting economic development, safeguarding national security, maintaining social stability, and enriching people's material and cultural life. In particular, it plays an important role in safeguarding the construction of disasters, emergency rescue, earthquake prevention, flood control and other catastrophic events.

Xue Yonggang, deputy director of the National Radio Monitoring Center, said at the 6th National Emergency Telecommunications Symposium that there is still a big gap between China's emergency radio management informationization and economic and social development and demand.

Xue Yonggang said that radio management informationization faces two problems, first of all, technical aspects, such as lack of overall planning. Lack of unified interface standards, calling methods, process control, data standards, data routing, etc. between various management services and systems, resulting in low utilization efficiency of business systems and information resources, which has become the bottleneck of emergency radio management information technology Is a problem that the radio management department needs to solve urgently.

Secondly, it is a management issue. Emergency radio management lacks effective management allocation, and there is a lack of data resource sharing among radio management departments. The unified command and coordination problem is more prominent. At the same time, in the emergency handling process, the coordination and coordination between the radio management department and the departments of meteorology, satellite, transportation, medical care, and fire protection need to be further improved.

Xue Yonggang emphasized that all levels of departments should further strengthen the awareness of the importance of information management for radio management, promote the informationization of radio management, and establish an integrated platform for radio management. In the construction of emergency radio management platform, it is necessary to design a unified interface standard. Technology, standards, and construction are the core, relying on the advantages of data resources, and building an information-integrated platform to realize an emergency intelligence system.

He also mentioned that radio management is a front-line policy and high-tech work. It has many characteristics and wide-ranging features. Especially in the case of emergencies, the characteristics are more obvious. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of talent teams.

Xue Yonggang finally called on all sectors of society to pay more attention to and support the construction of emergency radio management capabilities. Emergency radio management is the basis for ensuring emergency communication. Informationization is the basis for establishing and improving the national emergency communication system, enhancing emergency response and support capabilities, and vigorously promoting emergency radio. The informationization of management can better guarantee emergency communication.

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