what is the walkie talkie repeater?if the talk range is not long ,what can I do

- Jul 19, 2017 -

walkie talkie repeater

Walkie-talkie relay station is used to increase the distance of the radio communication equipment, when the distance between the two walkie-talkie signal range of radio, the walkie-talkie will not receive a valid signal, then, you have to use the walkie-talkie relay station. The role of the relay station is to forward the received signal to complete the relay between the signals.

The relay station consists of units such as receivers and transmitters. Usually work in the send and receive isochronous state, can receive the modulated RF signal demodulation of audio signals transmitted to other devices. At the same time, but also to other equipment sent by the audio signal by radio frequency modulation and launch. Other devices mentioned above have controllers for various systems, wireless access devices, and other relay stations that are required for interconnection. The relay station received the signal directly through its own transmitter forward, which is the most basic application of the relay station.

Therefore, the relay station must be able to work full duplex, that is, send and receive at the same time, and launch can not affect the normal work of the receiver. Due to the basic characteristics of the work of the relay station, coupled with the characteristics of the use of multiple relay stations together, the technical indicators of the relay station relative to the mobile station to have higher and more special requirements.

In addition to a single terrestrial conventional terrestrial terrestrial communication system consisting of a repeater, it can also use the relay station to connect the buildings and hotels with underground and ground coverage via coaxial cable, power splitter, erection of multiple distributed antennas , In addition to multiple relay stations to form a cluster system and a variety of ribbon or star structure of the communication network.

The integrated test of the relay station directly affects the communication distance of the system and the voice quality and function of the system network

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