Will WeChat replace the walkie-talkie?

- Nov 24, 2018 -


WeChat is an instant messaging program for Tencent to provide free voice information for smartphone terminals. In addition to convenience, micro-communication attracts white-collar workers and is cheap. Since micro-communication only charges traffic charges, it is much cheaper than the communication fee for making text messages by phone calls, which makes white-collar workers who advocate affordable life rush. After the microblogging era, social tools continue to innovate, in addition to WeChat, as well as Mi Chat, iMessage, Grand KIKI / Youni, Happy Flying Bean, Unicom "Wo contact", Nokia IM and so on. However, people are accustomed to using an instant messaging method. After fierce competition, the last WeChat products that survived will be two or three. Tencent WeChat and Micha are currently in the lead.

Mobile phones can't replace the intercom function, WeChat is not acceptable. WeChat top is more of an entertainment product, its impact is limited, the instability and security of online instant messaging is poor, which determines that WeChat cannot replace the walkie-talkie. It depends on the mobile phone network (WiFi, 3G, GPRS), at the root is a recording transmission software! The principle is to record what you said as "intercom", and record it as a sound file to send to the other party! Only login can have those features! If in some remote areas, the signal is weak or not, communication cannot be performed, and the walkie-talkie relies entirely on its own radio signal. The walkie-talkie is also to be dispatched and commanded, and it can be deeply customized according to different industries, such as demolitions, multicast, unicast, encryption, anti-jamming and so on. In this regard, the mobile phone's load function is limited. Moreover, within the scope of the use of the walkie-talkie function, other functions of the mobile phone are redundant, and the price of the mobile phone is higher than that of the walkie-talkie. A unit or organization needs to use the function of the walkie-talkie one or more times, and should not buy a mobile phone. Each comes with a mobile phone card.

In addition, in areas where the signal coverage is good, to a certain extent. WeChat relies on low traffic charges and can theoretically replace the walkie-talkie. However, WeChat is currently not well aware of the use of the walkie-talkie, and it must be logged in and other operations will not be favored by the walkie-talkie users. From the operating habits and functional expertise, the walkie-talkie still has a big advantage. of. Moreover, the buttons on the mobile phone are relatively small, and there is no PTT push-to-talk on the walkie-talkie. It is convenient for those non-interphone consumers. Of course, I feel that "I want to buy a few hundred walkie-talkies instead of using our mobile phone to open WeChat."

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