Mobile Radio

The product we produce is a high performance mobile radio transceiver. It has a color LCD and a 180-degree rotatable TFT LCD display. It has ctcss, DCS, 200 channels and other functions. It is narrowband compatible. It has a lighted keyboard, microphone, radio, built-in speakers, built-in cooling fan, DC power cord with fuse holder, and more. It can use a single call, group call, selective call and emergency call. It has a compact design, high performance dual band and good waterproof function. This mobile radio is equipped with high/low power GMRS channels and repeater channels to increase communication range.
It allows for longer distance communication in open areas with virtually no obstacles. It has a lot of privacy code and gives you a variety of channel options so you can't hear unwanted transfers. It provides perfect keyboard control. The keypad lock prevents accidental activation of the function/mode button. The button tone provides the sound of each button for response or confirmation. Use the mute operation to turn off all tones. Baojie Electronics is a certified company specialized in the production of high-quality mobile radio. We are known as one of the leading manufacturers in this field. Please be free to buy the best and cheap mobile radio with CE certification from us.