How To Use Walkie-talkie

- Jun 09, 2017 -

  How to use walkie-talkie

  1, press the button, you can speak, release the button, you can answer

  2. Wireless communication equipment, no antenna loading, prohibit launch;

  3. Handheld radio station can not be launched when charging, should turn off the power switch to recharge;

  4. When no call signal is received, do not ask disorderly calls, not horizontal contact;

  5. When the sending and receiving signal is not clear, the holder can change its position, make the front and rear movement, find the best communication position; The vehicle-mounted radio can use to slow down the vehicle speed or stop the driving method, enhances the sensitivity, enhances the call effect;

  6. The Handheld radio station is strictly forbidden to use in the a meters from the high-power radio station, in case of burning the trumpet; When using a handheld radio station, keep away from the computer to avoid interference;

  7. The use of voltage range, handheld platform for DC 7.2V, fixed platform, car platform for DC 12V, in the use of external power supply, the use of voltage outside the scope of the absolute can not be used, otherwise it will damage the station;

  8. Handheld Radio charger can not be used for other battery charging, radio can not use the general battery, to prevent "electric water" into the radio, rotten radio, not to use the battery of the handheld table for him;

  9. Note the location of the radio microphone to avoid the occurrence of the microphone in a constant state, interference with the communication work and cause the radio burnout.

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