Walkie - Talkie Applications

- Jun 09, 2017 -

  Walkie - talkie applications

  Traditional application

  The walkie-talkies are mainly used in the fields of public security, civil aviation, transportation, water conservancy, railway, manufacturing, construction and service. It is used for communication and command and dispatch of group members to improve communication efficiency and improve the ability to deal with emergencies. With the walkie-talkie into the civilian market, people travel, shopping began to use more and more walkie-talkie.

  There are also some specific occasions to use the walkie-talkie, such as explosion-proof walkie-talkie, waterproof walkie-talkie, police walkie-talkie and so on. Car station can also be included in the use of radio.

  Access control intercom

  With the progress of science and technology, walkie-talkie in the security industry more and more widely used, access control intercom system is the result. Access control intercom is the application of the walkie-talkie in the access control system, the user through the walkie-talkie to talk or video communication, access control intercom system mainly by the intercom host, intercom extension, UPS power supply, electric locks and door closers and other components. According to the type can be divided into straight, digital, digital households through, direct video intercom, digital video intercom, digital households through video intercom, etc.

  Intercom host

  The intercom host is the core part of the control system of the building intercom system. The transmission signal of each household extension and the electric lock control signal are all controlled by the host. The circuit board adopts the vibration damping installation and carries out moisture treatment, anti-vibration and moisture resistance Very strong, and with a night lighting device, beautiful appearance, generous.

  Intercom extension

  Intercom is an intercom is a walkie-talkie, are generally intercom with the host, but now the household through the building intercom system with the host with a set of internal telephone system can complete the system within the user's telephone contact, the use of more convenient, It is divided into visual extension, non-visual extension. With electric lock control and monitoring functions, generally installed in the user's home at the door, mainly to facilitate the residents and visitors to talk to talk.

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