The Distance Between The Walkie-talkie In A Flat

- Jun 09, 2017 -

  The distance between the walkie-talkie in a flat, open, barrier-free environment is up to 6 km, but the transmission of radio waves is affected by obstacles (such as buildings and trees); similarly, some external factors tend to weaken the call, The scope also changes. When there is network support, the radio distance of up to dozens of kilometers. The factors that affect the distance and effect of the walkie-talkie are as follows:

  1, the system parameters:

  1) The stronger the output power of the transmitter, the greater the coverage of the transmitted signal, the farther the communication distance. But the transmission power can not be too large, the transmission power is too large, not only power consumption, affect the life of the amplifier components, and strong interference, affecting the call effect of others, but also produce radiation pollution. The radio power management agencies of various countries have clearly defined the transmission power of the communication equipment.

  2) The higher the reception sensitivity of the communication machine, the farther the communication distance.

  3) The gain of the antenna, when the antenna matches the machine, usually, the antenna height increases, the receiving or transmitting capability increases. Handheld walkie-talkie antenna is generally used for helical antenna, its bandwidth and gain than other types of antenna to be smaller, more vulnerable to the human body.

  2, environmental factors:

  The main factors are path, the density of trees, the environment of electromagnetic interference, buildings, weather conditions and terrain differences. These factors and other parameters directly affect the field strength and coverage of the signal.

  3, other influencing factors:

  1) the battery is low, when the battery power is low, the call quality will be worse. Serious, there will be noise, affecting the normal call.

  2) antenna matching, antenna frequency band and the machine frequency is inconsistent, the antenna impedance does not match, will seriously affect the call distance. For the user, the antenna should be used to pay attention to tighten the antenna, the other can not just use the non-manufacturers to provide the antenna, can not use the antenna does not meet the frequency of the machine.

  3) sound quality depends mainly on the pre-emphasis and de-emphasis circuit, there are more advanced voice processing circuit "voice compression circuit and low-level expansion of the circuit application", which for fidelity voice has a very good effect.

  4) The factors that affect the distance and effect of the radio are also related to the season, summer is better than winter.

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