Car Platform A Simple Radio Station

- May 15, 2017 -

Car platform A simple and portable radio station. A vehicle station is one or more of the transmitters or receivers necessary for carrying out the radiocommunication service or the radio astronomy service, or a combination thereof (including ancillary equipment). Generally used in the city taxi, large passenger and cargo transport units. But must be used in accordance with the relevant provisions of the prior application for approval.

Car platform how to install

Car platform Buy a car after the car to how to install it? Do you need a professional?

Car platform Not so difficult, completely DIY, the car is taking the battery, you can install, do not change any line. If the temporary installation in the car, you can connect from the cigarette lighter socket lead. But do not pay attention, cigarette lighter socket maximum working current will not exceed 10 amps, so the power of the station must not put the maximum. If you intend to permanently install the car station, you can install any position on the vehicle, but should not affect the driving and ride comfort is appropriate, and should consider whether it is beautiful. The smaller radio station can be placed on the dashboard or "hand buckle" above, if you do not smoke, can also be installed in the ashtray position. At present, many cars are separable panels, so that it is more convenient to install, you can put the panel on their own feel more comfortable and easy to operate, the speaker placed in a comfortable place, the host can be placed behind the rear seat Board or trunk, as long as the heat can not affect it. Finally, the sucker antenna from the car leads, suction in the middle of the roof the best position.

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