Car Platform Radio On The Radio

- May 10, 2017 -

Car platform

Car platform Refers to a radio intercom that can be mounted on a vehicle, ship, airplane, etc., powered directly by an external power supply and using an external antenna.

Car platform Introduction

Car platform Uses: installed in the car, and by the car power supply and use the car antenna, both can be installed in the car, but also can be installed in the room; mainly for transportation, production scheduling, security command business. Its larger size.

Car platform Power and talk distance: power is not less than 10W, usually 25W. The maximum power is 56W for VHF and 50W for UHF. There are individual cars in a band of power up to 75W. The power supply of the vehicle is 13.8V, because the radio interception power is larger, so the call distance is much longer than the conventional hand-held walkie-talkie. Communication distance of up to 20 km or more, in the wireless communication network, through the turntable communication distance increased significantly, Car platform up to tens of kilometers.

Price and market: sales price from more than 1,000 yuan to the imported machine more than 4,000 yuan. It is estimated that the annual domestic sales of not less than 10 million units. With the rapid development of transportation, especially the increase in private cars, the number of individuals to buy cars (belonging to amateur radio enthusiasts) will be expanding in 2005, Shenzhen, only amateur radio enthusiasts to buy car machine (including two phones) In three thousand units.

Features: Transmit power, call distance far.

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