From Which Aspects To Consider Repeater Selection?

- Nov 06, 2017 -

First of all, from the wireless standards and wireless frequencies used by repeaters, this is a key indicator of signal strength and coverage. The industry's latest wireless standard is 802.11ac, better than 802.11n wireless standard. Dual-frequency repeaters supporting synchronous 2.4GHz / 5GHz are also preferred over repeaters that support only single-frequency. Also look at whether repeaters support seamless roaming, that is, in the wireless coverage of routers and repeaters, can be automatically converted without interrupting manual reconnection. In addition to set and open the ease, product workmanship, cost advantages are all important dimensions of consideration.

Use repeaters, the signal is strong in the end?

The main function of the wireless repeater is to expand the transmission range of the wireless signal. As the coverage of the wireless signal increases, the transmission bandwidth is actually divided into two halves. Therefore, in theory, after wireless relay and connection to the wireless network, the speed Will be reduced accordingly, so need to buy their own relatively fast speed wireless repeaters and wireless routers to make up, so as to make up for the speed loss. The current 802.11n wireless standard, and the latest 802.11ac wireless standards, are able to give strong support for speed, the better to avoid the bandwidth after half the impact on the actual use.

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