Hotel Walkie Talkie Communication Scheduling Management Solution

- Aug 01, 2017 -

  Hotel Walkie Talkie communication scheduling management solution

  Use the background

  With the continuous development of large-scale hotel industry, the hotel's welcome, front desk, catering, security, logistics, rooms are available on demand, thereby enhancing the efficiency of hotel employees to enhance the customer's experience, for the guests to create a loose And comfortable environment, which are all the internal communication of the hotel put forward a higher demand: voice clear, Walkie Talkie no signal blind spot, can be efficient scheduling, docking hotel management system.


  The program uses advanced digital Walkie Talkie system (PDT routine / cluster) and professional signal coverage technology (fiber optic repeater, etc.) to solve the hotel communication management process problems. Digital Walkie Talkie system can provide users with efficient real-time voice and data services, Walkie Talkie to achieve a call, packet calls, full calls and short messages to meet the hotel management and a variety of staff business needs; digital Walkie Talkie system scheduling Management software in the realization of intelligent voice scheduling can also be achieved with the hotel management system business docking, through the digital walkie-talkie to achieve the automatic distribution of work orders.

  The technical characteristics of the program are as follows:

  1. Advanced digital technology to improve voice quality

  Even in the noisy environment or the margin, Walkie Talkie the use of efficient digital error correction technology PDT system is still able to ensure excellent call quality. But also compatible with analog walkie-talkie, user-friendly smooth transition.

  2. A variety of signal coverage solutions, to provide users with a variety of options

  For different hotel users, Walkie Talkie can provide different coverage solutions. Can meet the specific requirements of customers through the various types of professional repeater to build a direct distribution network to cover the target area. For individual users can also through the interconnection between the turntable to solve some simple coverage problems.

  3. Efficient hotel scheduling management software

  In addition to regular language communication, hotel staff can achieve rich data services in the system, including SMS, GPS scheduling, data transmission, automatic online login and notification.

  4. Communication system and hotel management software combined to achieve automatic distribution of work orders

  This wireless communication system can automatically send out the hotel management system check-out information to the corresponding floor of the room check out the staff of the handheld, the first time to view, to ensure that customers in a timely manner to leave, Walkie Talkie while ensuring the first time the room clean The But also the customer's demand information, such as: ordering, meeting reservations and other information automatically sent to the relevant positions staff handheld, to ensure timely meet customer needs, enhance customer experience.

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