How Far Will The Walkie-talkie Be?

- Aug 01, 2017 -

  How far will the walkie-talkie be?

  Usually a new ham will ask how far can a certain type of walkie-talkie be called? To tell the truth, every time asked this question will have a very difficult to explain the feeling. At the same time also embodies a problem is this ham do not understand the walkie-talkie. So how far can we call the intercom? Today we'll talk about the wireless intercom distance.

  Why can't we answer the question of how far the device can be called? That's because there is no "distance" technical parameter in the field of wireless communications, because there are too many factors that can affect a wireless signal to spread far away. Commonly used radio walkie-talkie 130-170, 403-470 two bands, these two bands are also national law allows individuals or units to use the band range. In general, these two waves are transmitted in straight lines, the sea is the Earth on the radio walkie-talkie more ideal environment, generally there will be no obstructions and very little interference, but in fact, in the sea hand-held walkie-talkie can only pass around 20 nautical miles, that is because the earth is round, far away from the middle will be blocked by seawater. (So the higher the day, the farther the call distance)

  When used in cities, obstacles are the most influential factor for signal propagation distances. The actual call distance in the city of the Walkie-talkie with 5W power is generally only within the range of $number kilometers. In the high ground, more buildings or more sealed indoors, the call distance will be shorter. However, when there is a system base station support, the intercom range can reach more than 10 kilometers or even dozens of kilometers, (if both walkie-talkie in the high place, can also reach more than 10 km). At the same time, VHF and UHF due to different frequency bands, call effect is not the same, the UHF frequency higher penetration, diffraction is better than VHF, so more suitable for urban use, on the contrary because VHF frequency is low, diffraction is better, penetrating poor more suitable for plain area.

  0.5W Walkie-talkie, the factory nominal maximum call distance is 3 kilometers, actually this call distance is only a theoretical calculation data, it is based on the transmission power, that is, 0.5W walkie-Talkie in the absence of obstacles, no electromagnetic interference in the case of the maximum distance. In the actual use, because the user's environment is different, background noise is very small, electromagnetic interference has strong weak, so the actual call distance generally less than 3 km. Many new ham in the purchase of walkie-talkie often mistakenly thought in the city to use, call distance can reach 3 kilometers, this is unlikely! No manufacturer can predict the user's use of the environment, of course, can not give the actual call distance.

  So in answer to the customer's question about distance (the straight distance in the city), I think the answer is the most objective: hand-held walkie-talkie: 5W Walkie-talkie: 2000-5000 meters, 2 watt hands: 1000-3000 meters; 0.5W civilian walkie-talkie: 200-1500 meters; car radios (usually power in 25 watts): 5-15 km.

  When there is network support, that is, the installation of repeater or cluster network, you can significantly increase the communication distance.

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