Intercom Circuit

- Mar 29, 2017 -

Circuit shown in the figure. V transistor and inductor coil L1 and capacitor C1, C2 capacitor components, such as three-point oscillation circuit, frequency carrier signal 100MHz. Integrated power amplifier circuit LM386 and capacitor C8, C9, C10, Cll is composed of low-frequency amplification circuits. BL speaker doubles as a microphone. Circuit in the receiving State, transmit/receive switch on "receive" location, receive signals from antenna ANT Audion v, inductance coil L1 and capacitor C1, C2 and L2 choke ring composed of high frequency regenerative detector the detector circuit. Audio signal after demodulation, the coupling capacitor C8 to a low frequency amplifier input, BL after enlargement Cll capacitor coupling-driven speaker sound.

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