Radio History

- Mar 29, 2017 -

Radio technology first appeared in the jittery 20, was born in the Westinghouse laboratories. A man named John Kermode eccentric inventor of "the Fantasticks" want to post documents for automatic sorting, when applied to electronic technology with a vision of making people feel very cool. His idea is to make intercom marks on the envelope, the radio is the recipient's address information in, like today's postal code. Kermode has invented one of the first radio logo, the design is very simple, that is, a "Strip" means that the number "1", two "articles" means that the number "2", and so on. Then he invented the radio reading device made up of basic elements: a (able to transmit and receive the reflected light) method of determination of the reflected signal and empty, that edge location coil and use methods of determination, that is, decoders.

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