Relay Station Expand The Coverage Of The Device

- May 15, 2017 -

What is the relay station you know?

Relay station The relay station is a device used to increase the communication distance and expand coverage in a wireless intercom system. Repeater, also known as the turntable, forwarding station, bad turntable, is a special field of mobile communications indispensable important equipment. The role of the relay station is to relay and amplify the signal. Used to increase the communication distance, extended signal coverage.

Relay station The repeater can easily expand your two-way communication system, allowing your radio to expand your communication range as your customer base expands. The relay station helps you to increase the range of calls and communication capabilities of the radio, handheld walkie-talkie, and greatly improve your productivity. With the popularity of Internet networks, a voice over IP network can transmit voice, video and other services, the rapid development of VoIP technology, a voice transmission through the network relay station promised, known as the IP relay station. IP relay station can achieve global network interconnection, greatly expanding the communication capabilities of the relay station. Relay station, also known as the turntable, forwarding station, IP relay station, turntable / forwarding station, external antenna and feeder can form a complete relay system, in short: the role of the relay station is the relay and amplification signal The.

Relay station development of

IP relay station can achieve local intercom signal relay, through the IP network can be real-time voice and PTT signal without error transmission, no matter in which city, or in the VHF or UHF standard use, IP relay station can be the system Coverage to expand to any location in the world, easily meet the different geographical space, different frequency bands, network interconnection to share voice, to achieve one-click calls, to solve the radio transmission by the transmission environment, transmit power, receiver sensitivity and other constraints of the transmission distance , Do not have to worry about the short distance of communication, coverage of small problems.

Relay station IP relay station through the IP network not only to achieve the purpose of ultra-long distance without relay network interconnection, through the relay station at the same time can be achieved in the towering building architecture distributed intercom signal coverage system.

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