Repeater FAQ

- Aug 14, 2017 -

  Repeater FAQ:

  A, how to choose the placement location of repeater routing

  To avoid interference between the repeater signal and the main routing signal, we recommend that you place the room where you need to enlarge the signal. For example, the main route in the living room, and the study signal is not good, that will relay route placement in the study.

  b, set the Repeater, how to find the connection network

  The Repeater function is a signal that takes and enlarges the main route, and when the repeater settings are successful, the relay routing signal name is consistent with the primary routing signal name.

  c, after connecting to the network, use the app to bind the cloud route

  The current version 1.0 only supports the search for bound cloud routing after connecting to a child routing network. You can try to turn off WiFi, close to the repeater route, turn on WiFi, and then retry the bound cloud route. Or you can choose to scan the bottom of the route two-dimensional code to bind!

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