Repeater Role Is To Undertake And Enlarge The Main Route Of The Signal

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Repeater FAQs

a, how to choose the placement of repeater routing

In order to avoid the repeater signal and the main routing signal interfere with each other, we suggest that you place the signal you need to enlarge the room. Such as the main route in the living room, and the study signal is not good, it will be placed in the study of repeater routing.

b, set the repeater, how to find the connection to the network

The function of the repeater is to receive and amplify the signal of the main route. When the repeater is set successfully, the name of the repeater routing signal will be the same as the name of the main route signal.

c, connect the network, use the app can not bind kangaroo cloud routing

The current 1.0 version only supports connecting sub-routing network search binding cloud routing. You can try to turn off wifi, close to the router routing, open the connection wifi, and then try to bind the cloud routing. Or you can choose to scan the bottom of the two-dimensional code routing binding!

Repeaters are the simplest and cheapest interconnection devices used to extend the network distance in a LAN environment and operate at the physical layer of the OSI. The repeater functions to amplify and regenerate the signals on the line. It is used to extend the length of the LAN segment only for connecting to the same LAN segment. Its purpose is to amplify the signal, compensate for the signal attenuation, and support long-distance communication.

The advantages of repeaters:

1) filter traffic repeater receives a subnet message, only when the message is sent to the repeater connected to another subnet, the repeater forwards, or not forwarded.

2) Enlarging the communication distance at the expense of adding some store-and-forward delay.

3) Increase the maximum number of nodes.

4) Different network segments can use different communication rates.

5) Improve the reliability: When the network fails, generally only affect individual network segment.

6) Performance improved.

Repeater shortcomings analysis:

1) Delay is added because the repeater forwards and stores the received frame before forwarding it.

2) CAN bus MAC sublayer and no flow control. When the load on the network is heavy, the buffer in the repeater may not have enough storage space to overflow, resulting in the loss of the frame.

3) Repeater failure, the work of the two adjacent subnets will have an impact.

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