Talk About The Development Of Domestic Digital Walkie - Talkie

- Jul 19, 2017 -

  Talk about the development of domestic digital walkie - talkie

  From the current market price point of view, the average price of digital walkie-talkie is much higher than the price of low-end analog walkie-talkie, accounting for the majority of the proportion of users prefer to use the traditional analog walkie-talkie, digital walkie-talkie can only be a small number of high-end professional Users to accept, walkie - talkie resulting in the domestic sales of digital walkie-talkie scale of the proportion of the proportion of the professional wireless communications market and the global average there is a big gap between the domestic digital walkie-talkie to promote the slow progress.

  From the development stage of the main performance in the following areas:

  On the one hand, the price from the sales point of view, digital walkie-talkie high prices. However, after long-term competition and mass production, regardless of the number or size of the traditional analog walkie-talkie, it is the market sales of low-end walkie-talkie only 400-800 yuan, and accounted for a considerable proportion of the proportion. The reason why the performance of digital walkie-talkie high, mainly because: its high cost, walkie - talkie its core part is the chip, but relatively speaking, the chip function and module equipment is not targeted. Resulting in waste of resources; In addition, leading industry standards, patents, core technology has a clear advantage, relying on a strong overall strength and brand image, occupy the global professional wireless communications industry, most of the market share are Foreign company.

  On the other hand, there is no uniform national standard. In the working state of the walkie-talkie, digital walkie-talkie and analog walkie-talkie is different, analog radio baseband is the audio signal, as long as the frequency of each radio, walkie - talkie they can be interconnected between. And digital walkie-talkie is completely different, each manufacturer of baseband digital processing in different ways, voice codec, 4FSK encoding format and channel interleaving, error correction methods are inconsistent, thus forming a different brand of digital walkie-talkie in the same channel also There will be no communication phenomenon. In order to solve this problem, Europe has developed a digital radio DMR / dPMR standard, the same Japan and the United States also developed the relevant standards, and our domestic digital project starting point, there is no unified national standards for digital walkie-talkie, walkie - talkie which makes the domestic Part of the research and development, manufacturing digital walkie-talkie enterprises are only the development of the enterprise agreement with the standard digital walkie-talkie, the same can not communicate with each other intercom, a direct impact on the development of digital walkie-talkie.

  But with the development of the point of view, digital walkie-talkie is the mainstream of the future, and will certainly be guided by the country's policy into a new domestic wireless communications trends. The same for the development of this industry will bring unlimited business opportunities, we look forward to.

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