Technical Analysis Of Digital Walkie-talkie

- Jul 19, 2017 -

  Technical Analysis of Digital walkie-talkie

  Digital walkie-talkie is a replacement for analog walkie-talkie products, in the internal voice signal can be digitized, and can expand the application of other data functions of the walkie-talkie. It digitizes the voice from the microphone through the analog-to-digital converter (ADC), the built-in DSP (digital signal processor) software processes the signal, and the subsequent signal will be modulated. The digital-to-analog converter (DAC) The modulated signal is simulated and transmitted to the RF transmitter via the antenna. The RF receiver digitizes the analog-to-digital converter of the digital signal processor through the analog signal received by the antenna. The DSP software processes the signal - demodulates and decodes the digital-to-analog converter and simulates it and gives it to the microphone.

  It has a new technology, is a new era of products. walkie-talkie Compared with the traditional analog walkie-talkie, into the digital FM and other modern communications technology, digital walkie-talkie in the following has its unmatched advantages. it includes:

  First, the spectrum resource utilization is high. walkie-talkie Traditional analog walkie-talkie channel bandwidth is 25 kHz, compared with a waste of radio spectrum resources; and digital walkie-talkie bandwidth is narrow, the general channel bandwidth is 12.5 kHz or 6.25 kHz, to some extent, can alleviate the increasingly lack of spectrum resources problems.

  Second, the voice quality has improved significantly. Digital technology has strong anti-interference ability, can filter noise and reconstruct the signal, walkie-talkie has better than the analog technology voice quality, and can make the effective coverage of wireless communication to expand and improve, users can easily cope with the ever-changing work environment.

  Again, additional value-added services can be provided. Digital intercom with a digital signal processing mechanism, you can increase the use of the environment related to a number of data applications extended functions, such as text information, video information, telemetry data and other wireless transmission.

  Finally, the safety factor has greatly improved. In the analog channel, the voice signal is easy to be monitored, privacy is relatively weak. The digital walkie-talkie can use high-level encryption technology, but also with system authentication, walkie-talkie air port encryption and other security means, in addition to set up on the walkie-talkie, but also through the background operation to achieve more privacy communication. So the communication security level is higher, so as to ensure the privacy of the user communication to the maximum extent.

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