The Repeater Works In The Physical Layer Of The OSI

- Jun 22, 2017 -

  The repeater works in the physical layer of the OSI, is the center of all nodes on the LAN, its function is to amplify the signal, compensate the signal attenuation, support long-distance communication. Repeater. Work in the physical layer, only to extend the transmission distance of the role of the high-level protocol is transparent. In fact, a network connected by a repeater is equivalent to a larger network of a of wires. Repeaters can also connect the networks of different transmission media (10Base 5 and 10Base 2), and are used in the interconnection of the same local area network above the data-link layer.

  Repeater is the simplest and cheapest network interconnection device used in LAN environment to extend network distance, operates in the physical layer of OSI, and the repeater has the function of amplifying and reproducing the signal on the line, which is used to extend the length of LAN segment (only to connect the same LAN segment).

  Repeater is a kind of device to connect network line, which is used for bidirectional forwarding of physical signals between two network nodes. The repeater mainly completes the function of the physical layer, and is responsible for transmitting the information on the physical layer of the two nodes, and accomplishing the function of copying, adjusting and amplifying the signal to prolong the length of the network. Because of the loss, the signal power transmitted on the line will gradually decay, the attenuation to a certain extent will cause the signal distortion, so will lead to receive errors. The repeater is designed to solve this problem. It completes the connection of the physical wiring, amplifies the attenuation signal and remains the same as the original data. In general, the two ends of the repeater are connected to the same media, but some repeaters can also complete different media transfer work. Theoretically speaking, the use of repeaters is unlimited and the network can be extended indefinitely. In fact, this is not possible, because the network standard in the delay range of the signal to make specific provisions, the repeater can only within the scope of effective work, otherwise it will cause network failure.

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