Walkie Talkie Common Fault Problem Judgment And Solution

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Many people will often use the Walkie Talkie, but when the Walkie Talkie breaks down, it does not know how to fix it. In general, the problems frequently encountered when using Walkie Talkie mainly include small or no sound, poor signal transmission, unable to turn on the machine or power on alarm. So, when using the Walkie Talkie if you encounter these problems and problems how to solve it?

Walkie Talkie common troubleshooting

First, Walkie Talkie no sound or sound is small

If there is no sound or the sound is very small when using the Walkie Talkie, you should first check whether the battery voltage is sufficient. If the battery is normal, then check whether the receiving and sending frequencies of the receiver and other Walkie Talkies are the same . If the above examination is no problem, then there may be a part of the interphone itself has failed, including:


2. Speaker external socket;

3. Encoder and potentiometer;

4. Soft circuit plug and motherboard socket contact situation;

5. Antenna and the antenna contact with the situation;

If it is the problem of the above components, you need to special repair radios or small appliances to the place to be replaced.

Second, the radio launch issue

Launch key is the most frequently used radio components, a lot of repaired Walkie Talkies are due to the launch button out of the question and affect the normal use. In addition, if there is a problem radiating radio, first check the battery is energized, the battery is no problem, then there may be several reasons:

1. launch button (PTT key) the outer rubber aging or damage;

2. External microphone socket shrapnel poor contact;

3. Software circuit plug and motherboard socket bad contact;

4. Microphone (microphone) failure;

Intercom repair to choose the regular maintenance point

Third, the intercom can not open the machine

When making sure the battery is on and the battery contacts are in normal contact, if the intercom can not be powered on, the first thing to do is to check if the fuse (F500) is burned due to overcurrent. If the fuse is normal, Walkie Talkie can not boot may also be due to poor contact with the soft-board socket and the motherboard socket caused by the need to replace the soft-plug or motherboard socket.

Fourth, Walkie Talkie boot beep alarm sound

Most Walkie Talkies have fault self-test function, when the beep when the boot sound, then Walkie Talkie found a problem during POST. Intercom self-test can be found in the problems include:

1. The frequency is wrong, when the write frequency exceeds the range of the radio itself, you need to re-write the intercom frequency;

2 soft-link bad, you need to replace the soft circuit plug or motherboard socket;

3. VCO loss of lock, or related device damage, you need to replace 12.8M crystal or TC1, TC2 and other related devices;

In general, the quality of the Walkie Talkie if not often knock bump, or the use of time is too long, the chance of hardware problems will not be high, we encountered problems when using the first should consider whether the battery is dead, write frequency error Or use the wrong way, and then submitted for inspection. Maintenance should also be sent to the regular repair point to ensure the quality of maintenance.

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