Walkie Talkie Has Played A More And More Important Role In Our Lives

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Walkie-Talkie in our life has played a more and more important role, now people also pay more and more attention to tourism, outdoor zipper and so on. When the convoy is driving, it is very convenient to choose a walkie-talkie, which plays an instant communication role in reminding the situation of the road ahead and turning. Although mobile phones can also play a role in communication, but because of the signal and the cost of the problem, the effect is not as good as walkie-talkie. Therefore, walkie-talkie has become an essential product of outdoor tourism.

Precautions for buying walkie-talkie

To buy real goods, the channel is very important. Not too knowledgeable owner friend, buy radio products best not to the mixed electronic market to Amoy goods, like buy second-hand mobile phones, some may be very cheap, just 100 yuan, but it is very possible that you buy a cottage machine. The appearance looks like the brand-name machine, actually is the counterfeit counterfeit product, moreover must not believe the parallel imports and the smuggled goods saying, these are actually fakes. Use of fake, there may be a battery explosion, charging fire and other factors affecting personal safety. To buy real licensed, it is best to choose a qualified channel business, through the manufacturer of a level of agents to buy.

And some unscrupulous merchants to sell their own nominal power of the walkie-talkie within 5W, in fact, otherwise. The state has provisions, handheld terminals over 5W to the user's personal safety will cause a certain harm, so the vast number of consumers for their own health and safety issues, but also to choose manufacturers to identify the regular agents to buy. And now a lot of companies in their own official website and the public information on the micro-letter to publish the query is the method of formal agents.

Code for use of walkie-talkie calls

In the amateur section, there is a very strict code of practice, in the examination of the license will be specialized training. No license 409M, no unauthorized alteration of the transmitting frequency, increase the transmitting power (including additional RF amplifier), no unauthorized external antenna or other transmitting antenna. The use of a variety of legitimate radio services may not be harmful interference, once found harmful interference, should be immediately stopped use, and take measures to eliminate interference can continue to use.

The use of public walkie-talkie, the quality of its communications is not protected by the Radio management Agency, should withstand other normal work of the radio business possible interference. It also prohibits the use of airports and aircraft and is prohibited from connecting with public telephone networks, public mobile networks and other telecommunication networks.

Radio walkie-Talkie is very useful in the deep mountains, for drivers and donkey friends for some time is life-saving. We had a friend who drove into the mountain and the car broke down and there was no signal on the phone. He is to use the hand to search the amateur relay station to send out a distress message, in ham (radio enthusiasts, also nicknamed ' Ham ') to contact the 4S shop, the last to be rescued. ”

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