WCDMA 3G 4G GPS Walkie Talkie

- Jun 16, 2017 -

Wideband Code Division Multiple Access,short name:W-CDMA.

WCDMA is also based on the practice and application of CDMA technology. WCDMA is rapidly sweeping the world and has occupied 80% of the wireless market. As of 2013, the global WCDMA users have more than 3.6 billion, all over 170 countries, 156 operators have commercial 3GWCDMA business.

now,we have WCDMA walkie talkie ,it can used the phone card and talke with another one no distance limtation. WCDMA radio is not used the frequency .it is used the platform to setting the talke group.

WCDMA is a new technology in China .

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