What Is The Repeater?

- Oct 09, 2017 -

What is the repeater?

Repeater is the simplest and most professional network interconnection device used to extend the network distance in the LAN environment. It has the function of enlarging and regenerating the signal on the line. It is used to extend the length of the LAN segment (only for connecting the same local area network network segment). Can be a good solution to the router's wireless network coverage problems, so that each room can receive sufficient signal.

Second, select the repeater from which aspects?

First of all from the repeater to use the wireless standard and wireless frequency point of view, this is to determine the signal strength and coverage of the key indicators. The industry's latest wireless standard is 802.11ac, better than the 802.11n wireless standard. Support for synchronous 2.4GHz / 5GHz dual-band repeater is also better than only support single-frequency repeater. Also see whether the repeater supports seamless roaming, that is, in the wireless coverage of routers and repeaters, can automatically switch without interrupting manual reconnection. In addition to set and open the ease, the product of the work, cost advantage and so are important considerations dimension.

Third, the use of repeaters, the signal in the end is not strong?

The main function of the wireless repeater is to expand the transmission range of wireless signals, because the wireless signal coverage increases at the same time, the transmission speed bandwidth is actually divided into two halves, so theoretically after wireless relay and connected to the wireless network, the speed Will be reduced accordingly, so the need to buy their own faster rate of wireless repeaters and wireless routers to combine to compensate for the loss of speed. The current 802.11n wireless standard, and the latest 802.11ac wireless standards, are able to give strong support in the speed, preferably to reduce the bandwidth after halving the actual use of the impact.

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