The products we produce are mainly Walkie Talkie Repeater, Radio Repeater and Mini Base Station Radio Backpack Repeater. The Walkie Talkie Repeater uses a high-gain antenna to get excellent audio/signal during transmission and reception. It integrates cross-band repeater functionality and high power output. By clicking on the repeater, you get a further and impressive range of communication. The durable battery helps with emergency control, crosstalk monitoring and weather-related emergencies, making it ideal for camping, hiking and boating.
The Radio Repeater can accommodate more channels or user groups and can operate in a wider range or wider area, providing a cost-effective communication infrastructure for single-site/local applications. It shares the advantages of digital radio communications, offering a wider range, better sound quality and advanced security features.
The Mini Base Station Radio Backpack Repeater has a multi-function button and a DC power supply on the side of the radio. It has a built-in mini fan and temperature sensing system, so when the machine is continuously used for high-power transmission, when the temperature reaches 45 °C, the mini fan will automatically turn on, lowering the temperature, and it is more user-friendly. It has a push-to-talk (PTT) speaker microphone for easy communication with two easy-to-access buttons. Baojie Electronics is a certified company specialized in the production of high-quality repeater. We are known as one of the leading manufacturers in this field. Please be free to buy the best and cheap repeater with CE certification from us.