Walkie Talkie

The Walkie Talkie we produce is a two-way mobile communication tool that can talk without any network support, no call charges, suitable for relatively fixed and frequent calls. It has a high-capacity lithium battery that guarantees stable operation for a long time. It can set battery saving mode to save power. It can set QT and DQT. It can make voice prompts. Its phase-locked loop and voltage-controlled oscillator can generate the transmitted RF carrier signal, buffer amplification, excitation amplification, power amplifier, generate rated RF power, and then pass through the antenna low-pass filter to suppress harmonic components, and then transmit through the antenna.
It can process the electrical signal of a person's voice converted into audio through a microphone. The audio signal is directly modulated by entering the voltage controlled oscillator through an amplifying circuit, a pre-emphasis circuit, and a band pass filter. Baojie Electronics is a certified company specialized in the production of high-quality walkie talkie. We are known as one of the leading manufacturers in this field. Please be free to buy the best and cheap walkie talkie with CE certification from us.
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