Amateur Walkie Talkie

Amateur Walkie Talkie is a powerful walkie-talkie. It has an ultra-thin and mini size. It is highly resistant to interference and dust. It has military quality and precision circuit design. It has various working modes such as receiving mode, transmitting mode, TUNE mode, VFO mode, and SPLIT mode. It has DSP digital signal processing noise reduction, automatic notch filter, humanized interface color display, receiving fine adjustment function, variable MIC gain value, VCC power supply voltage indication table and transmission signal strength display table, so it is very convenient to use.
You can create the text message you want and send it to a single user or group. Its high power allows for a longer communication distance dual mode. Baojie Electronics is a certified company specialized in the production of high-quality amateur walkie talkie. We are known as one of the leading manufacturers in this field. Please be free to buy the best and cheap amateur walkie talkie with CE certification from us.